Save money when booking Breakfast & After School Clubs!

Save money when booking Breakfast & After School Clubs!

Save money when booking breakfast and after school clubs!
At Activ Camps we want to support parents & carers by offering flexible and affordable childcare. This includes no childcare voucher handling fees, no late/emergency booking charges, extremely flexible booking and amazing discounts! Make a saving (up to £17.50), on your next booking by using our discounts below:
  • One day of Wraparound Care* = 7%.
  • Full week of Breakfast Club = 10%.
  • Full week of After School Club = 10%.
  • Full week of Wraparound Care* = 10%.
Also a reminder that bookings are now open for the entire school year! Secure your places today!
*Wraparound Care = Breakfast + After School Club on the same day.
COVID-19 secure booking policy.
Whilst there is uncertainty over COVID-19 at the moment, we are confident that schools and childcare services will be the last to close, if at all, should there be added restrictions.
In the unfortunate event that we are unable to run Breakfast or After School Clubs as a result of a school closure, we will offer you credit for the bookings made to be used at a later date. In this event we will give as much warning as is possible. See our terms and conditions.
Emergency Bookings.
We reserve two last minute places for those in need of after school childcare. For this, we have chosen not to charge any higher fees and you will be charged the usual rate of £15.50.
If your chosen day is showing as fully booked and you require emergency childcare, please contact Activ Camps on 07896 546 067 or email
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