Breakfast and After School Club – Help with Bookings over the Christmas Holidays

Breakfast and After School Club – Help with Bookings over the Christmas Holidays

Out of office.
With the Christmas holidays just around the corner, we would like to let you know that Activ Camps will also be taking a short festive holiday at this time!
We will be out of office from Friday 17th December until Tuesday 4th January. We will be unavailable via phone or email during this period.
Below we have provided some information on making bookings during the festive period.
Bookings over the Christmas holidays.
  • I would like to make my booking over the phone: We are unavailable to take your booking over the phone during these two weeks. You can however make your booking online via our website.
  • I would like to pay with childcare vouchers: Please make a booking as normal online and select ‘pay with childcare vouchers’ at checkout. You will then need to head over to your provider to make the payment. They will ask you for a code or reference to find us. Here are our childcare voucher codes. For the government tax-free childcare scheme, simply search for ‘Activ Camps Wraparound at Tooting Primary’ and add us as a provider to make payments.
  • I would like to pay for a booking by card: After you have made the booking, you will have the option to pay for your booking in full by card. If you are paying by card at a later time, simply login to your account and select ‘my bookings’ from the top right-hand corner menu. From there you will have the option to pay for your booking.
  • I am only paying for part of my booking now: Our online system only accepts full payments. If you are not using childcare vouchers, then please make a bank transfer instead. Please also use your children’s names as references.
Here are our bank details:
HSBC – Richmond Branch
Activ Camps Ltd
Sort code: 40-38-18
Account number: 2203 7327


  • Staggered Payments: If you wish to cover a booking via a staggered set of payments, you’ll first need to make your booking. At checkout, please select ‘pay with childcare vouchers’. This will place the booking in the system without requiring immediate payment. Please note, our system is unable to process part payments so we will need to arrange a payment plan manually.

    Once you have made a booking, please email to confirm that you would like to stagger your payments. You will need to cover at least one month’s worth of Breakfast and/or After School Club with every payment made. Payments for each month should be made by the 1st of each month. For example, if you are paying monthly, the amount due for the month of September should be paid by 1st September.

    If you are paying for more than one month at a time: You will need to email and confirm, the expected dates of payment, amounts that will be paid and method of payment. We will then confirm via email if this is acceptable and your plan will begin. Any changes to this must be confirmed in writing and accepted by the bookings team.

    If you fail to uphold your staggered payment plan, you may lose your right to make staggered payments in the future and payments will need to be made in full. If you have failed to cover your staggered payments, you will not be permitted to make further bookings until the full amount due has been paid.


  • I have yet to make a payment for my booking: We generally require bookings to be covered at least two weeks prior to attending to clubs. If you are looking to split a payment then please email the dates that you intend to make the split payments and the amounts you will be sending. We would like the split payments to cover at least a month’s worth of sessions. Please make the first payment before January 4th.
  • I made the booking and payments a little while ago, but haven’t received a confirmation email: No need to worry, some bookings need to be manually confirmed by us. These bookings will be automatically held in the system until we return in January.
  • I want to use my credit towards this booking: If you know the amount that you currently hold, then please deduct this from the amount you are sending either by childcare vouchers or a bank transfer. Otherwise, make your booking, select to ‘pay with childcare vouchers’ and then send us an email. We will then get back to you to confirm your credit and arrange payment for the booking in January.


  • Will my booking roll over to the next term automatically?: No. For each term you will need to make a booking manually, bookings to not roll over automatically.
We hope this helps with any questions you have over the Christmas period!
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