Meet Site Manager Noah: ‘My 15 years at Activ Camps’

Growth and Development is an ongoing process at the heart of Activ Camp’s goal to provide children with the best holiday experience ever. Throughout our Rookie and Young Leader Programmes children can develop leadership skills, build confidence and self-esteem. Noah, who started off as a child who just loved Activ Camps and all of the activities, is now working as a Site Manager. We asked him to share his story. 

Why did you start going to Activ Camps? 

“I started going to Activ Camps with my best friend from school when I was around 7 years old. Whilst I didn’t have much say in where I was going, my parents knew they had made the right choice after the first day. When they came and collected me from Emanuel School in the afternoon I immediately fell asleep. Being a child with very high energy levels, they decided that I would be going to this camp at every chance I got! From then on I knew I wasn’t just an active kid, but I was an Activ kid.”

When Noah’s parents were looking at finding a camp for him, they knew that they wanted a camp which would be able to keep up with his high energy levels, whilst also making sure that the children are as safe as possible. Activ Camps has provided kids activities throughout London for 18 years, receiving high praise from Ofsted reports and fantastic testimonials from parents.

What are the best activities at Activ Camps?

Activ Camps offers a variety of activities, ranging from adapted versions of traditional sports to the outright madness of our giant inflatables, rock climbing and Archery Tag. We asked Noah what his favourite game was and why.

“One of the things which made me keep wanting to come back was that I was playing games which I had never played before. It’s not just cricket, it’s Diamond Cricket; it’s not just rugby, it’s 3D Rugby. Even past that there are games which are completely original, like Activ Game and Freak Out. I also loved all the other crazy activities like the inflatables, swimming and Archery Tag, but I have to say that Benchball has to be at the top for me. I still get excited 15 years on when I see it on the timetable for the day!”

Transition from attending Activ Camps as a child, to working for Activ Camps as an adult!

“As I started to get older, Activ Camps gave me the opportunity to start being a Rookie and later on taking part in the Young Leader Programme. It was a great experience where I started to learn transferable skills, such as leadership, independence and communication. This was a great way for me to slowly transfer from being one of the kids on camp to one of the staff members! It was great to start to understand how I could be professional from such a young age, starting to take on responsibility which I would not have otherwise been able to do. From there I was able to become a staff member and later a member of the senior staff team. Looking back on the whopping 15 years I have spent at Activ Camps in my holidays, I can see great friends who I have met along the way as well as handy skills and lessons which I am able to transfer to all different aspects of my life.” 

Our Rookie and Young Leader Programmes help to develop transferable skills and abilities that help to prepare young people on camp for working at Activ Camps and in future careers. Within the programme they will also have the opportunity to learn about the preparations Head Office take to get our camps ready covering interview techniques, safeguarding on site, understanding risk assessments and delivering staff appraisals. Historically, our Young Leaders have thrived from taking on such responsibilities on camp.

What’s it like working for Activ Camps?

Since Noah started working for us he has taken on different roles, working as a Lifeguard, Senior Activity Instructor and more recently, a Site Manager. We asked Noah what it is like to work for Activ Camps:

“I have loved working for Activ Camps! The team were happy to hand me responsibility when I had shown an ability to take it on. Furthermore, I was able to experience opportunities such as a lifeguarding course and a First Aid course which I would not have otherwise done. I also recently was given the opportunity to become a Site Manager, working at Wimbledon College and Emanuel School. It is really positive to see the opportunities offered to staff within the company if they show the right capabilities in childcare.”

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