Learn More About Our Activities This Easter Holiday!

Learn More About Our Activities This Easter Holiday!

At Activ Camps, we are always innovating new and exciting games for kids to enjoy. This Easter, children can expect a huge array of non-stop fun activities. These can range from combinations of exciting twists on classic games and completely original ideas. We can also expect several new activities make their way to the timetables this Easter!

As ever, our safe, inclusive, active and fun environment will be there for children to improve their mental and physical health through returning and upcoming engaging games, whilst also improving sports-specific skills during our Easter Holiday Camps at several venues.

How Exercise Can Improve Mental and Physical Health

The development of children on our camps is one of our biggest priorities. Exercise is an important part of every child’s week, with the NHS recommending children and young people do two types of activities every week. The two recommended activities are aerobic and muscle-strengthening exercises, both of which are covered by a multitude of our activities. Find out more about our activities below. 

Brand New Activ Camps Activities

Activ Camps strives to create a fun and inclusive environment for children to take part in the best activities. We provide activities that have been tried and tested at our holiday camps for over fifteen years, ranging from GIANT inflatables every day to varied adaptations of traditional sports, crazy tag games, and much much more!

Some of the returning activities that our children will be excited to play again include Benchball, Parachute Games, Alcatraz, and many others!


Benchball is one of our most beloved games, it consists of two teams battling it out to get all members of their team onto the bench. To get players from their side to the bench, they have to throw the ball to one of their teammates on the bench. If they can catch it without falling off the bench, they can join them. 

Benchball helps to develop their sports-specific and fundamental motor skills in a safe environment. Children of all ages can get involved. Benchball is so loved that both children and our staff get excited when they see it on the timetable!

Upcoming Activities

Every year we look to create exciting new activities for kids on camp. Games that are fun, inclusive, easy to play, and support fundamental development in sporting skills. We want every day to be different on camps which is why we are always innovating new games. This Easter, we have a great line-up of new activities including Circus Games, Garden Games, and Animal Attack.

If you want a sneak peek at how to play one of our new games read on…

Animal Attack 

Animal Attack is a game that will test children’s fast thinking and speed! Staff call out an animal and children must make a split-second decision on if they live on land or in water. “JELLYFISH” children will run as fast as they can to the raft to be safe in the next round! “TIGER” children will run as fast as they can to the treehouse to be safe in the next round! Be careful of the lions and sharks (catchers) waiting to catch you!

We can’t wait to see you at Easter and play these exciting activities and others! If you haven’t already, book now! Places are limited so don’t miss out.

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