Our 2021 Ofsted Reports

Our 2021 Ofsted Reports

Activ Camps prides itself on inclusivity and building safe and welcoming environments for children aged 4-14. Our four pillars of childcare are safe, inclusive, active and fun. We are happy to know that this is reinforced by our 2021 Ofsted Reports which shared some lovely quotes about the children, our staff and the interactions they have on camp. Our Ofsted Inspections reported Activ Camps as an environment in which the children could engage in activities whilst developing their physical and social skills. 

Our Environment

When a child arrives at Activ Camps, whether it is the first time or the hundredth, we want them to be met by smiling staff and a warm welcome. A huge amount of non-stop activities ensure children have the best possible Easter, Summer and Half-Term Holidays! Furthermore, children develop their physical skills, both sports specific and more general fundamental skills.

What did Ofsted say about our Environment?

Ofsted described our environment as “warm and welcoming” and one in which children can “build new friendships”. Ofsted described our activities by saying that “children of all ages thoroughly enjoy their time, taking part, developing their coordination, agility, balance and accuracy.

Overall, Activ Camps is very proud to provide an environment where social and physical skills are developed in a safe and inclusive environment.


Our Staff

Our fun-loving, fully-trained staff love to engage with the children, joining in on games, making sure to maintain an exceptionally high staff to child ratios. All of our staff are DBS checked and trained to run fun and inclusive activities. 

What did Ofsted say about our staff?

Ofsted described our staff members as “energetic and enthusiastic” as well as being “great role models” who are “attentive to (children’s) individual needs”. Our staff do not only engage in physical activities, they also make sure to develop key social skills, “encouraging children to share their ideas” in a safe environment. 

Activ Camps staff are one of the reasons we are able to provide an amazing environment for our children.


Our Safety

At Activ Camps we love to ensure that children can have as much fun as possible, however, safety is still paramount, which is why our skilled staff are trained to operate at incredibly high staff to child ratios of up to 1:8. Children are properly cared for at all times, with staff being able to look after children more individually due to our smaller group sizes. 

What did Ofsted say about our Safety Levels on Camp?

Ofsted reflected this in their inspection, reporting that “all activities are safe for children” and that a “safe and secure environment is provided for children to play”. Even for our giant inflatables, staff are trained to operate safely with risk assessments attached for each of our several inflatables. 

Safety at Activ Camps is one of our highest priorities, which was reflected in our 2021 Ofsted reports. We will continue to maintain the highest standards of safety throughout each and every season that we operate.

Learn more about our Ofsted-registered venues here

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