On camp, children are split up by age into small, inclusive groups of 14. Age groupings help children make new friends and ensure they enjoy activities and equipment suitable to their age and development.

During the period of the pandemic we creating our groups in advance of camp. This is to ensure effective consistent bubbles throughout the week on camp.

If your child has a friend they would like to be with, please email this to so that we can action this beforehand. Late requests will not be accepted and no switching between groups is allowed.

We know that it is important to make the day as fun as possible for all children, and being with your friends is very much part of this experience.

However, friends need to be about the same age, usually within 18 months.

Due to the complex nature of groupings on camp, we cannot always guarantee every friend request.

See our safety tab for further information on group sizes and staff:child ratios.