Parent Guide – Breakfast & After School Clubs

Parent Guide – Breakfast & After School Clubs

Please see below our guide to our breakfast & after school clubs. We will be sending out a regular newsletter with updates to the club so please make sure you are signed up by contacting

At the bottom of the page you will also see some important recent updates which we urge you to familiarise yourself with.

About Activ Camps 

We’re a small, locally grown childcare provider who has been providing non-stop fun multi-activity camps across South London for the past 16 years. Throughout these years, Activ Camps has developed a unique and exciting model of activity camp, where the children always come first. Activ Camps provide innovative and inclusive variations of traditional games and sports, giving all children the chance to be fully involved and to reach their full potential.

After many years of working with Graveney School, we have spent the last year also providing non-stop fun to the breakfast and after school clubs and brighten your child’s school day! We will also bring wholesome and delicious breakfasts and after school snacks, served up by our fun-loving, caring and highly qualified staff.

Sign In & Out Procedures

Breakfast Club – 7:45 am – 8:45 am.

Sign in: When you arrive, you will be greeted by a member of staff to sign in your child. Once signed in, the staff member and your child will head into the school hall where they will be presented with a tasty selection on Breakfast options including toast, porridge and a variation of cereals! 

After School Club3:00 pm – 5:55 pm

Sign in: Once school finishes, the children are collected from the playground by their group leader for the afternoon. All children registered at After School Club that afternoon are accounted for by school teachers. 

Sign out: Children can be collected at any time from the After School Club! If you would like to pick up your child before 17:30, simply call the site phone on: 0751 9596539. From 17:30, a staff member will be present at the gate to sign out your child provided you have your confirmation email (details below). 

Present Your Confirmation Email at Sign out

You are required to present your booking confirmation email when signing out your children. This email will display your children’s names and the dates that they are booked in for. Please have this ready on your phone, (with the brightness turned up) to present to staff at sign out. Please check your email inbox for these emails.

This will help to ensure the safety of all children that attend our After School club. Our staff can also rest assured that every child in our care is safely returning home.

If you are unable to locate your confirmation email, please contact as soon as possible and we can locate this for you. 

Terms & Conditions and Medication

It is important that you familiarise yourself with our terms of business particularly if your child requires medication to be kept at school. All medication indicated on your child’s profile must be made available to Activ Camps’ staff. This medication may be held by either the host school or Activ Camps, however, Activ Camps will always require the medication to be signed in on an Activ Camps Medication Form. If there is any updates on your child’s medication throughout the year, please let us know 

Click here to read our Terms of Business.

Click here to download and complete our Medication Form.

Food Menu & Allergies

At both Breakfast & After School clubs we will provide your child with healthy and balanced breakfasts and snacks throughout the school year. If your child has any allergies then it’s crucial that you include these as part of their details on the booking system.

You can update their details by logging into your account. If you’re not sure how to do this please email

Click here to see the Breakfast Club sample menu.

Click here to see the After School Club sample menu.


We work hard to ensure that the children who attend both our Breakfast and After School Club have varied, tasty and nutritious food when at Activ Camps. In the mornings, children can expect toast with jam, marmite, honey or a range of cereals and porridge with croissants, pancakes and crumpets making weekly appearances. 


In the afternoon, the children are greeted with a fruit snack to give them fuel for their first activity. After the first activity is complete depending on the day, the children can expect a selection of wraps and pittas either with chicken, turkey or cream cheese or tomato pasta and cheesy pasta or a range of soups! We ensure that at least two options of snacks are served (one option is vegetarian) and two different vegetables are served. 


Each day, at both the Breakfast and After School Club, we will provide a number of safe, inclusive, active and fun activities. When the children arrive, they have the time to unwind and catch up after a long day at school while enjoying a fruit snack. The children then head out for their first activity which could be anything from Foam Stick Hockey to Freak Out and even the infamous Dodgeball. Once the first activity is complete, the children head in for their main snack. After this, each group participates in another two activities! 


The focus of the afternoon is to emulate a smaller version of our summer activity camp with structured, diverse, high energy activities that ensures all children have the best afternoon possible in a fun, inclusive and safe environment. Of course, we understand some children can be exhausted after a long day at school so there are always calm options available such as being a referee or helper to the group leader to ensure children can relax and unwind after a long day at school.

Click here to see our Activity Programme

Your Child’s Belongings 

We understand the difficulty that some children are having without school bags in keeping their belongings with them. We will always do our utmost to ensure that nothing is left being at After School club and have so far successfully returned any forgotten items!

If however something has been left in an area outside of our use (classrooms, upstairs halls or other playgrounds) these items will have to be collected the following day.

We are unfortunately unable to allow parents/carers into the school and unable to send children to search for these on their own.

Any lost property that is labelled will be returned to children’s lockers or trays during Breakfast Club. Any unlabelled or unrecognised lost property will be put into TPS general lost property. 

Dietary Requirements 

Please ensure that you inform us if your child is vegetarian or only eats Halal foods. In line with the school, Activ Camps does not serve any pork products. It is very important that we provide children with the correct food, as per their and your wishes, however we must be informed of these in advance.

To update or check your child’s details on our booking system please log in to your account and select ‘Child Details’.

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