Best Kids Activities: Giant Inflatables!

Best Kids Activities: Giant Inflatables!

Throughout our half term, Easter and summer holiday camps, you will find one of our GIANT inflatables set up and ready to go at every venue! These can be seen every day on camp and they are always one of our most loved activities. Giant inflatables are also switched around each site during every week of camp, so that children get to experience another level of non-stop fun on a new inflatable!

What is a ‘giant inflatable’?

‘Bouncy castle’ is the more common term you might use for a giant inflatable, however, our giant inflatables offer so much more than your average bouncy castle. When people imagine a bouncy castle, they think of a square ‘castle-like’ structure with no particular objective. Ours are specially designed to be interactive and inclusive with exciting and challenging elements, all to create a memorable experience. At Activ Camps, we believe that giant inflatables are one of the best school holiday activities that children can enjoy!

Each one of our giant inflatables has a particular theme and presents a new challenge for children to master. These allow children to develop their motor skills with each inflatable requiring different physical skills to master. Some inflatables involve competing against one another or working together as a team helping to develop communication skills as well.

You can browse our inflatable lineup and descriptions of their unique elements below!


Are children safe on bouncy castles/inflatables?

At Activ Camps we maintain the highest possible standards of safety for our giant inflatables on camp. Each one of our inflatables is PIPA tested annually, a nationally recognised and HSE supported safety standard for bouncy castles, giant inflatables and other inflatable play structures. Alongside this, our trained instructors complete and record safety checks before each and every session on camp. These checks include the monitoring and recording of wind speeds to ensure that the conditions are safe, triple checking all anchor points and implementation of our operating procedures and risk assessments. 

Unfortunately, not all other providers/operators follow this robust system and there have been some rare and high profile cases of inflatable accidents. Whenever these have occurred, with great sadness we study our procedures to ensure ours remain as robust as possible at all times.


Can I hire your bouncy castles/inflatables?

Yes you can! We offer inflatable hire for events and birthday parties. Adding to this, our team can offer a bespoke birthday party package along with fully-trained staff to help ensure your little one has a perfect day! Also, we ensure trained staff are present at every party to ensure the inflatable is set up and run in a safe manner.

You may also see some of our inflatables at school fairs around London throughout the Summer. We’re always keen to get involved at these and support our local schools.

If you’re looking to hire our inflatables for a birthday party, or want us to join in at your school Summer fair, contact our Operations Manager Ruby today via



Fast paced, ever moving and non-stop fun the Assault Course will leave participants exhausted! 

This activity requires climbing, sliding, squeezing and bouncing, and results in cheers, laughter and long lasting memories.


Getting through the jungle is a fun and exciting challenge as you battle against the inflatable forest. This is a great inflatable to compete against each other as the first one back is the winner! Getting through the arches at the end whilst running at full speed is a great way to show off your acrobatic skills!


This giant inflatable really is GIANT! Participants race through tunnels, scramble up the cargo net, before returning to earth via one of the two huge slides! 

This is an activity that really challenges participants to reach new heights, making incredible memories in the process. 


The towering, wibbly-wobbly mountain is the centrepiece of this enormous inflatable, with participants challenged to conquer the mountain in a series of games and relay races. Wild and wonderful, The Mountain leaves a lasting impression! 


This giant slide is a thrilling activity, giving participants an exhilarating experience while creating endless fun memories with their friends. Children race up the ladder in pairs to reach the top, jump off for an immediate rush as they slide.

Suitable for any age, this slide is smaller than its big brother, the Monster, making it more inviting to some younger participants.


Loaded up with water and bubbles, participants dive onto the Slip N’ Slide and hurtle towards the finishing line at the end. Racing against your friends is never more fun and hilarious than this!

This inflatable is perfect for warm sunny days alongside Water Fight Mania!


This activity is quite the spectacle and will bring a great deal of laughter and joy to the participants and any onlookers. 

Participants battle to stay on their wobbling podium by jumping and ducking the rotating arms in this hilarious event.













Enjoy the non-stop fun on our giant inflatables at a holiday camp near you this year. Book now!


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